Travel wish list

How does one decide which new destinations to visit? Is it from flipping through Travel & Leisure magazine? Being inspired from friend/family photos of vacations on social media? I haven’t made a wish list of travel destinations since about 2003 so I felt like starting anew.

I have hopped all over the US since moving back in 2012 after being overseas for 12 years. It does not matter where I have lived in the US, because I will always travel, but now my travel dreams have included both US and international destinations.

As in most goals in life, you have to think about what to do or see before it can ever become a reality. So, it’s time to re-do my travel bucket list which continues to grow and change as my travel preferences undergo their own maturity. I still love walking around new cities, getting lost amongst stunning buildings, gorgeous parks and historical goodness. And eating local foods and drinks. There are plenty of other dream destinations that may suit me later in life when I may want to do an organized tour, or travel with others (I largely LOVE traveling solo for many reasons which I have laid out here.)

French Quarter life, New Orleans

I have set foot in 47 states, but I am not so worried about hitting my remaining states (Alabama, North Dakota, West Virginia), but I realize I know very little about the best places to visit in these states. (If you have tips let me know!)

So here’s what the 2019 version of me wants to make happen this year. My current travel plans include Rome (May) and the US Open in September – both tennis travels. I am determined to go to one new US city this year so we’ll see how that goes.

In the US, I have seen quite a lot so most of my gaps see to be more scenery based rather than city based.

US wish list

Descending into NYC
  1. Portland, Oregon (and the Oregon coastline)
  2. San Francisco, California (and I suppose a trip to Napa Valley while I’m there)
  3. Savannah, Georgia – I have been to Charleston and New Orleans, so may as well complete the tasty trilogy!
  4. Yosemite National Park (maybe combined with Lake Tahoe?)
  5. Austin, Texas – I am not a Texas fan, but maybe Austin will change my mind?
  6. Utah magic three: Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches National Parks
  7. Martha’s Vineyard/Cape Cod – a long way to go but I want to see what all the rich people go on about.
  8. Appalachian Trail – would love to walk just a bit of it!
  9. Washington, CT – inspiration for Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls!
  10. Sedona, Arizona – have heard it’s stunning!

International wish list

Dinner in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  1. Italy – Rome is happening in May. Give me tennis, give me pasta and give me all the beauty!
  2. India – I will see the Taj Mahal before I leave this earth!
  3. Peru! I mean…
  4. Kyoto and Osaka, Japan – I LOVED Tokyo and always wanted go to back to see a few other cities.
  5. Germany – have been to Munich, but want to see Berlin
  6. Brazil – always wanted to see Rio and the Amazon Rain Forest
  7. Vietnam – just to eat all the amazing food? It seems like a fantastic travel destination.
  8. Poland – I want to see where my great-grandparents grew up.
  9. Cambodia – friends have raved! And I really want to see Angkor Wat.
  10. Portugal – I LOVE Spain and have heard amazing things about its neighbor.
  11. Russia – St Petersburg looks stunning!
  12. Copenhagen – it looks like a beautiful city, and I would love to visit Scandinavia.
  13. Greece – I almost went here in 2018…I want to see Athens and I suppose some islands too!
  14. Croatia – looks stunning. And easily combined with other European places
  15. Kenya – I need to do a safari.
  16. Zambia – a close friend grew up in Lusaka. I want to see Victoria Falls!
  17. Egypt – Pyramids!
  18. Banff, AB – my Canadian travels have largely been based around the outside provinces.
  19. Budapest – was supposed to be on my 2018 Christmas market trip but I cut it last minute. Maybe one day?
  20. Mexico – I feel like the only American who hasn’t gone to Mexico, but eventually I feel like I’ll go there.

So, that’s a pretty good start! What’s on your list?

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4 thoughts on “Travel wish list

  1. Wow.. think i want to make a bucket list myself… maybe watch the movie:the bucket list again:) You have made quite a few great places your own already – way to go daughter!! granny always encouraged traveling and we know why don’t we.. it is so exhilarating !!
    your mom

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  2. Love your list. I highly recommend the Napa Valley. A leisurely drive through wine valley is nice. Hope you pop over to Oakland when you hit San Fran. Also, the food is gonna be great for you in SF. Will share a dim sum place a friend takes me to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I am sure to get there eventually. A friend and I discussed meeting there for a weekend. I want to go when I can hit Yosemite too. sounds like a fun trip – I gotta make it happen!


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